JumpBox Helps Non-Techies Navigate Open Source Technologies

JumpBox is an under-the-radar server software management company that helps IT departments deploy open source technologies. JumpBox essentially makes collaborative technologies easier to use by making them easier to install on servers.

Today, JumpBox is launching a new way to run open source server applications, allowing IT administrators to treat server applications collectively as a utility with the convenience of
a SaaS-based offering plus the ability to run your infrastructure on your terms. So JumpBox allows you to run your apps in a hybrid configuration of on-premise, in the cloud or in
a data center.

Of course, an experienced developer can execute the functionality of what JumpBox does but co-founder and CEO Sean Tierney says that JumpBox, which is a subscription-based service, is targeted towards admins who may not be able to develop and run complicated server applications.

JumpBox works with drupal, joomla, mediawiki, PunBB, vTiger, WordPress, SugarCRM, Trac/Subversion, DokuWiki, Nagios, MySQL and LAMP deployment. And currently JumpBox is the largest provider of virtual appliances to server virtualization giant VMware.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2010/03/23/jumpbox-helps-non-techies-navigate-open-source-technologies/